Māori Economic Development

Māori are major drivers of economic growth in the wider Bay of Plenty region, and the value and potential of the Māori economy is recognised across industries within the Bay of Connections framework.

He Mauri Ohooho was New Zealand’s first regionally-coordinated Māori Economic Development Strategy. The strategy and supporting action plan has recently evolved into a new Māori Economic Development Agency, Toi Kai Rawa.

Toi Kai Rawa focuses on improving the wealth and wellbeing of Māori in the Bay of Plenty region. It has a goal that Māori in the region meet or exceed the national averages in income, employment, health and education by 2030. Key themes of the strategy are: leadership and governance; cultural retention and sovereignty; sustainability; education; and connectivity.

Current projects under the strategy include the Māori land utilisation action plan, which focuses on the participation of Māori in key land based industries such as renewable energy, forestry, dairy, sheep and cattle farming, horticulture and aquaculture.

He Mauri Ohooho Documents

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