The Energy Strategy focuses on creating wealth and wellbeing through renewable and sustainable energy in the region by facilitating new business growth opportunities and employment.

The wider Bay of Plenty is rich in energy resources and has a strong renewable energy profile with ready access to geothermal, biomass and solar energy options, giving the region an unprecedented national and international advantage. The region’s energy is available, accessible, clean and renewable, and clearly fits with the New Zealand Government’s renewable energy targets.

Implementation of the strategy includes leadership and investment, particularly focused on the development opportunities around geothermal energy. Activity also focuses on encouraging and facilitating the competitive advantages of renewable and sustainable energy in the wider Bay of Plenty.

The strategy covers a broad spectrum of potential energy opportunities across the region, including geothermal direct heat supply for industry, biofuel manufacturing from forestry resources, sustainable energy initiatives for businesses and homes, solar energy-based solutions, and wood-based fuels for industrial, commercial and residential heating. It takes both a short-term and long-term perspective, for the ultimate sustainable development of the industry.

These energy opportunities, combined with leading edge research centres, innovative technologies and outstanding people (many of whom are expert leaders in their fields nationally and internationally), means the Bay of Plenty holds a unique position in the world to harness the potential of its renewable energy options.

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2016 Energy Strategy Update

Our Future From Energy

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