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Vaccinating New Zealand


Getting Aotearoa to a 90 per cent vaccination rate is our ticket to freedom this summer and into the future, the government says.

It’s a lofty goal but the implementation of a number of strategies and incentives will help our country reach its target.

These strategies range from offering vouchers and free meals at vaccination hubs, to the development of a vaccination passport, a ‘no-vaccination, no-fly’ rule on international Air New Zealand flights and mandatory pre-arrival vaccinations for non-citizens coming into the country.

A special broadcast dubbed the 'Super Saturday Vaxathon' will also air on Three this weekend in a bid to boost the uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations across Aotearoa.

The Government has also recently issued a mandate for all educators and health care workers to receive the vaccine by set dates.

With Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirming the country’s move away from the elimination strategy, vaccinating against COVID-19 is the primary way we will stop mass outbreaks from overwhelming the health system.

At the time of writing, 59.3 per cent – or 2.49 million people – have been fully vaccinated in Aotearoa, with a further 23.4 per cent – or 986 thousand people – receiving their first dose. That leaves 17.3 per cent of the eligibe population unvaccinated.

Regionally, the Bay of Plenty’s two-dose vaccination rate is sitting slightly below the national figure, however within that there are areas with higher vaccination rates and pockets that require additional support. Read more here.

For businesses, the waters remain murky around how their health and safety obligations fit in with privacy laws around staff vaccination status.
Businesses and services can’t require an individual to be vaccinated. However, they can require a specific role be performed by a vaccinated person - if they have completed a health and safety risk assessment to support this.

As the country continues to navigate the COVID climate, more clarity, particularly for the business community, is expected.

To book your vaccine, go to

Resources for businesses:

  • COVID-19 vaccinations: Q&A for employers here
  • Doing business at Level 2 here
  • Vaccines and the workplace here

Advice to support vaccine conversations

The official COVID-19 website has a number of resources about the virus and the vaccine, including how to open dialogue with friends and whānau.

The World Health Organisation has an extensive list of mythbusting topics relating to COVID-19. This is a great resource to utilise in full, or to pull out some key facts relevant to your workplace. See here.

The full set of easily digestible Toby Morris and Siouxsie Wiles’ COVID-19 infographics can be found here.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

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