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Regional Cycle Network


The development of a connected Bay of Plenty regional cycle network will bolster domestic tourism, create ongoing jobs and new business opportunities, enhance health outcomes and ensure the improvement of the zero-carbon transport network.

That’s the shared vision of EDAs, RTOs, councils, cycle groups and local businesses, outlined in a new business case for the sector.

The business case, funded by Bay of Connections, indicates there is a wider network benefit when existing cycleways are connected and the collective promotion of the Bay of Plenty as a cycling destination has the potential to deliver significant economic and social outcomes.

A regional cycle trail would provide a point of focus for regional tourism activities and as a corridor for domestic tourists to take low emission, carbon-friendly holidays. In the post-COVID environment, where New Zealanders are touring their own country, a regionally connected trail network would be a significant asset.

The business case highlights the fact that, despite having several Great Rides, without a connected network the Bay arguably stands out as a notable gap in Ngā Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails (NZCT).

The NZCT is considered to be complete, however, we believe that if a coherent and well-presented case was made to central government, the Bay of Plenty regionally connected concept could be added to the existing network – with benefits for locals, visitors and businesses alike.
Bay of Connections is in the process of connecting with stakeholders to get input and feedback on various components of the draft business case. The next steps will include the collective development of an Action Plan.

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Friday, September 17, 2021

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