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Inaugural Geothermal Week


Taupō’s inaugural Geothermal Week is set to showcase New Zealand’s world-class geothermal expertise, resources, and opportunities.

The event, running from 26 July to 31 July, has been created by the team at Amplify (Taupō’s EDA) and is taking place in Taupō, New Zealand’s Centre for Geothermal Excellence.

The geothermal industry is continually innovating and expanding, both in New Zealand and globally. Its use extends beyond electricity generation and is a broad industry exploring and developing new ways to sustainably create value from the resource.

Our extensive geothermal reservoirs and world-class geothermal expertise means New Zealand is ground zero for world-leading innovation and development.

Sustainable practices are increasingly important and more companies are looking to renewable resources like geothermal to power, heat or grow their business.

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Amplify’s Rick Keehan says Geothermal Week is all about bringing different parties together and celebrating the growth potential of the industry.

“The geothermal industry is actually a bigger contributor to our economy than tourism. This event is about shining a light on the geothermal industry and what it offers.

“It is an opportunity to increase understanding of the many uses for geothermal energy.”

Mr Keehan says a range of events are taking place during the week, including a school science competition for rangatahi.

Various Taupō schools have been tasked with creating a model of a geothermal power station or to create a vision for the future of the geothermal industry in the region.

“The science competition aims to get kids from primary and secondary schools involved as future innovators and leaders in the geothermal industry.”

Lots of Fans

New Zealand Geothermal Week offers something for everyone, from those looking for inspiration to join the industry at an individual or enterprise level, curious locals, passionate geothermal experts, industry leaders and our future talent.

Check out what’s happening during Geothermal Week here.

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

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