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Building consents remain strong


The number and value of both residential and commercial building consents across the Bay of Plenty remain strong, despite the nationwide lockdown in August.

The most recent Stats NZ data shows there were 24 commercial consents issued in August, worth a total of $63,152,600 and 220 residential consents worth $79,931,134.

This compares with 35 commercial consents issued in August 2019, worth $13,166,747, and 175 residential consents worth $60,971,833.

While the number and value of consents paints a rosy picture, it is clear that demand is outstripping supply across the country, with many industry leaders reporting shortages in key resources such as plasterboard, plaster and insulation.

This is having a significant impact on all areas of construction and has been compounded by Auckland’s extended lockdown, where approximately 90 per cent of the country’s building supplies are imported or made.

It is hoped that as Auckland moves out of the most restrictive alert levels, the Bay of Plenty, along with the rest of Aotearoa, will begin to see that supply chain open up again.

Both residential and commercial consents have fluctuated month-to-month since April however it is worth noting that the August lockdown has not appeared to have had a negative impact on the number of consents being approved.

Local councils are also reporting a significant increase in building consent applications, saying ‘unprecedented demand’ is contributing to delays as they work to clear a backlog of applications. Read more in this paywall article.

Read more about the supply chain issues here.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

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