Māori Land Utilisation Action Plan

Under the Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study, nine key areas were prioritised for development and the resulting actions are summarised in an overarching plan for the region. These areas include: agribusiness, aquaculture, education and skills, forestry and wood processing, geothermal, horticulture, Māori land utilisation, visitor economy and water management.

The Māori Land Utilisation action plan is implemented by He Mauri Ohooho and aims to support economic scale. It facilitates the amalgamation of smaller land holdings to form large scale operations with the ability to leverage greater opportunities, develop business partnerships and stimulate growth in the sector.

Initially, prospective participants will be identified and invited to collaborate in this project and an assessment of each individual land area will then be undertaken. A customised programme will be developed to identify gaps (ie in governance, productivity and/or skills), and a plan established to maximise growth opportunities, support organisational resilience and measure outcomes on an ongoing basis.

The main funder for this project is Te Puni Kōkiri, with the core operations sponsored by Priority One and Bay of Connections. Key partners in this project include Dairy NZ, Tūhono Whenua Horticulture Ltd and Te Puni Kōkiri.

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This flowchart will be used to facilitate implementation of the Māori Land Utilisation Action Plan, and identify opportunities for service provision. He Mauri Ohooho also work across the other eight action plans, primarily where there is a focus on developing Maori assets, and in particular the horticulture and agribusiness work-streams.