He Mauri Ohooho

He Mauri Ohooho is the Bay of Connections Māori Economic Development Strategy for the wider Bay of Plenty region and is New Zealand’s first regionally-coordinated strategy of its kind. The strategy was developed in partnership with Te Puni Kōkiri and strongly links with the national Māori Economic Development Strategy, He kai kei aku ringa, as well as the Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study.

Māori are major stakeholders and contributors to economic growth in the wider Bay of Plenty region, and the value and potential of the Māori economy is recognised across a number of industries within the Bay of Connections framework. These include previously developed strategies that focus on forestry, energy, aquaculture, freight logistics, and sport and recreation

He Mauri Ohooho focuses on improving the wealth and wellbeing for Māori in the Bay of Plenty region in the key areas of income, employment, health and education. It has a goal that Māori in the region meet or exceed the national average by 2030. Key themes in the strategy are: leadership and governance; cultural retention and sovereignty; sustainability; education; and connectivity.

Implementation of the actions in He Mauri Ohooho are facilitated by an advisory board and project team. A number of projects are currently underway as a result of this strategy. These include the Māori land utilisation action plan which focuses on the delivery of dairy industry, horticultural sector and youth and education initiatives, to name a few.

The main funder for the implementation of He Mauri Ohooho is Te Puni Kōkiri, with the core operations sponsored by Priority One and Bay of Connections.


He Mauri Ohooho was developed under the Bay of Connections framework in partnership
with Te Puni Kōkiri.

It was officially launched in February 2014 after two years of development and the input of
more than 200 Iwi and Māori business representatives through a period of consultation and

The key themes that emerged from the hui were leadership and governance, cultural
retention and sovereignty, sustainability, education and connectivity.

A Maori advisory group was established in 2014 to oversee and support the implementation of the strategy.

In 2017, a Kaihautu Ohanga Navigator (Maori Economic Development Advisor) was appointed with funding support from Te Puni Kokiri, Priority One and the Bay of Connections to lead the implementation of the strategy and to connect all the collaborative and investment opportunities and activities that has been progressed in the past three years.

About Us

The Advisory Group was set up in 2014 to support and oversee the implementation of the He Mauri Ohooho Strategy.

The Advisory Group consists of:
- Dr Riri Ellis (chair)
- Tamarapa Lloyd
- Dr Tanira Kingi
- Dr Richard Jefferies
- Gina Rangi
- Dr Maui Hudson
- Anthony Olsen
- Kiriwaitingi Rei


The strategy was developed over two years in partnership with Te Puni Kokiri and input from more than 200 iwi and Maori business representatives from the region across five hui meetings.

The focus of the strategy is to provide a point of co-ordination for the already significant economic activity underway at local, regional, Iwi and trust levels, and provide a vehicle for enhancing or developing new ideas and collaborations.

The strategy has strong links with the national Māori Economic Development Strategy, He kai kei aku ringa, as well as the Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study.

The strategy’s six priorities that will contribute toward the vision of Māori creating wealth, job and prosperity across the wider Bay of Plenty region:

• Strategic Leadership
• Collective Asset Utilisation
• Business Networks
• High Value Business Growth
• Capital and Investment;
• and Education and Skill Development.

How the strategy outcomes will be measured:

• More jobs for Māori in the future labour market
• Māori household income being lifted to be on par with the average weekly household
• An increase in Māori educational attainment from NCEA Level 3
• The creation of a thriving Māori business network
• Investment opportunities for Māori incorporations
• An increase in exports for Māori businesses and productivity of Māori assets.

Making a difference
He Mauri Ohooho will support better outcomes for Maori and is influence by the economic development values of Maori in the wider Bay of Plenty. The strategy also contributes to the Bay of Connections and its sector Strategies.

Strategy values
Rangatiratanga (self-determination)
Greater involvement in business and economic development activities ensures the inclusion of Māori values and aspirations within decision-making processes, enhancing the wellbeing of those involved and the people they are making decisions for.

Wairuatanga (cultural advantage)
Conveys a sense of being Māori in unique ways across a range of physical and spiritual dimensions that are distinguishable from other peoples and provides opportunities to express cultural advantage.

Whanaungatanga (connectivity)
Expressed through the relationships that are developed between whānau, businesses and their communities. These relationships can make a positive contribution to the development of the Māori economy in the wider Bay of Plenty region.

Manaakitanga (collectivity)
Informs a collective ethic towards engagement in the economy and the distribution of benefits arising from that participation. Opportunities for Māori to have quality education, good health, employment and liveable incomes, supports their ability to express

Kaitiakitanga (intergenerational sustainability)
Protecting and enhancing Māori knowledge and practices to strengthen whānau, hapū and iwi to create sustainable futures.

He Mauri Ohooho aligns to the national Maori Economy Development strategy developed by Te Puni Kokiri ‘He Kai Kei Aku Ringa’ strategy which can be viewed here.