Our COVID-19 Response

Like every part of the country, the wider Bay of Plenty region has also been hit by COVID-19 and its ripple effects.

Alongside the New Zealand Government’s dedicated Unite Against COVID-19 website we have developed a regional directory of industry bodies that can be used as points of contact for redeployment, assistance and other topics. This information will continue to be updated as this situation develops.

The Bay of Connections’ focus will continue to be on communication and collaboration to ensure communities, businesses, agencies, working groups, and local and central government come together to take action in a way that benefits the region as a whole.

Our priorities post COVID-19 will lead to long-term positive cultural, economic, environmental and social outcomes for the region while incorporating sub regional recovery plans.

The Regional Recovery Framework provides structure for common direction and intends to guide and connect recovery planning between central and local government.

Priorities will focus on:
• Stimulus projects
• Sharing data and insights
• Co-ordination and facilitation
• Facilitating capital investment
• Future of work
• Supporting Māori economic development
• Transformation to low carbon industries
• Unlocking constraints
• Demonstrating leadership

Across the wider Bay of Plenty region, local councils, EDAs and RTOs are also working on specific, localised recovery plans.

- Rotorua Economic Recovery Plan - Build Back Better
- Regenerate Taupō District
- Whakatane District Council's Economic response to COVID-19
- Tauranga City Council Recovery Plan
- Western Bay of Plenty Economic Recovery Plan