Prior to the 2018 review and subsequent revision of our key focus areas, Bay of Connections took a sector-based approach to projects. Aquaculture was a high priority focus and it remains relevant in the current environment.

Internationally, aquaculture is the fastest growing seafood sector, and global demand is only increasing. New Zealand has a clear advantage – we have the fourth largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) or coastal area in the world. At a regional level, 44% of the Bay of Connections’ area is coastal, presenting a real opportunity for our economy.

The Bay of Plenty Aquaculture Strategy, launched in 2009 was a New Zealand first, and the Regional Aquaculture Organisation (RAO) was established to oversee the actions.

Bay of Connections continues to ensure the growth of Aquaculture is sustainable, that it creates jobs for our people, and that it supports Maori Economic Development.

Regional Aquaculture Organisation Documents:

- BOC Aquaculture Strategy
- Summary of reports
- Neutraceutical values of Greenshell Mussels
- Biosecurity report
- Aquaculture audit